Why do the bigger-name companies have to charge you so much for their windows?

Here’s the straight talk; it’s NOT necessarily because they have better windows. It’s because of their overhead!

They have:
• Big advertising budgets
• Commissioned salespeople
• Expensive office space

Those and other additional costs get passed onto you, the customer. The bottom line? You end up paying more.

There are two answers to better-performing windows. They are:

1. The unbiased NFRC window ratings
2. The correct installation process

And TPC Windows offers you both.

From HISTORICAL to TRADITIONAL Connecticut homes, we offer a window for every home and every budget.

Any style or any configuration of composite, vinyl, or natural wood window products can be measured, ordered, and installed right here at TPC windows.

Let us show you how our windows, combined with our professional wrap-caulk-seal installation system, can out-perform the bigger-name companies with which you may be familiar – without ever sacrificing quality. It’s that simple.

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