Used car preparation begins with a thorough evaluation of the car’s systems for operational function and condition. We evaluate cars customers are considering purchasing.

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The moment the car is brought to us we raise it and inspect and repair all systems as necessary. Tires are selected that have 50% or better tread life left. These are then mounted, balanced and the vehicle aligned if necessary. Fluids and filters are changed if necessary to ensure that the car is brought current with Volvo®’s recommended service guidelines. We base our appraisal on the vehicle’s condition after our inspection and repair. How much mileage the car has is NOT as important as is how many miles it has left. We know the value of a fine dependable automobile and realize that there are buyers out there who appreciate the extra mile we go to give the best service possible.

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We were recently honored by the CarfixDirectory as one of the highest rated independent repair shops specializing in the repair of Volvo® automobiles


We do accept drop-offs. However, they are placed on the schedule after the vehicles with an appointment. We will make every effort to complete the repairs as soon as possible. Please use our appointments feature or give us a call at 303.736.6981 for information or to schedule your service work.

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